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Companion Books is an organization whose mission is the furtherance of the teachings of Meher Baba and the preservation of his words. Through translation, publication, and distribution we seek to make a range of literary works by and about Meher Baba available to all.

The organization has its origins in a request made by Meher Baba in the early 1960’s to one of his close companions, Don Stevens, to translate and publish certain books that Baba had written. Originally this involved three books: God Speaks; Discourses and Listen, Humanity, into three languages: French, German and Spanish. Over the years the range of books and the languages that they have been translated into has grown.

Companion Books has also been involved in the publication of a variety of other books by people inspired by Meher Baba, including many by Don Stevens himself. Topics include: poetry and ghazals; intuition; forgiveness; sexuality and the spiritual path.